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 Entry of non-Japanese company to the Japanese market
  Business development for leading U.S. MLM companies in Japan.
  Business development for leading U.S. functional ingredient companies.
 Entry of Japanese companies into the U.S. market.
 Development & implementation of market strategy.
 M&A opportunity search & validation.
 New business development
  Launching a direct marketing business for leading Japanese food company.
  Launching a health food business for leading Japanese food companies.
  Product development for Japanese and foreign companies.
 Strategic partnership development & implementation.
 Searching local/global partners.
 Overview of the Japanese weight loss market.
 Overview of the Japanese functional beverage market.
 Overview of the U.S. low calorie and weight loss market.
 Market overview of the U.S. low-carb diet.
 Overview of the Japanese practitioner channel.
 Overview of the U.S. practitioner channel.
 Analysis of non-American companies entering the U.S. market.
 Case studies
 Analysis of market value structure for dietary supplement.
 De-regulating foreign ingredients to be used in Japan.