We are a Strategic Consulting Firm in Dietary Supplements and Functional Foods to Guide Your Success.

  Market size, competitors, products and market potentials
  of your product
  • Functional food market analysis.
  • Practitioner's channel analysis.
  • Weight loss market analysis.
  • Blood pressure lowering market analysis.
  • Cholesterol lowering market analysis.
  • CoQ10 market analysis.
  • Bilberry extract market analysis.

  Check regulatory status and recommend replacements
  as well as support deregulation proces
  • Check all ingredients and manufacturing flows whether they are compliant with Japanese regulations.
  • Suggest alternatives when ingredients are not allowed to use in Japan.
  • Help make a dossier and contact the government to deregulate yoru ingredients.

  Develop products to be more suitable to local consumers
  • Perform competitive analysis of clients' products and suggest growth strategies including product renewals.

  Propose best entry options and screen partner candidates
  • Suggest entry options including types of partnership.
  • Select and screen partner candidates.

  Help develop and implement PR and marketing strategies
  to grow your sale
  • Plan PR strategies to educate professionals and consumers.
  • Develop direct marketing strategies including advertisements and media mix.

   Benchmark key health companies' strategies
  • Health strategies of Japanese companies.
  • Promotion and public relations strategies of Japanese companies.